Mobile Games


Shake It Up! Poker for Deck of Dice

Challenge - Design a new play mechanic for the casual user.  Coach and mentor a team of art and design students in the production of high-quality game assets. Coach the company owner/CEO on the art and science of game design.

What I Did - as the Chief Creative Officer and Lead Designer, I was responsible for...

  • Creating user personas and analyzing current gaming trends
  • Game design, UI / UX design, art direction, build interactive prototypes
  • Design, test, and refining onboarding to optimize funnel


  • Created a casual PvP poker game that appealed mainly to a 65% female demographic - the Holy Grail of casual games.
  • Top 1% metrics on Facebook Instant Games
  • Game licensed to Scientific Games - the world's largest slot manufacturer
  • Efforts resulted in a securing a licensing agreement with Hard Rock Casino


Smule's Magic Piano

Challenge - Smule's flagship product in 2011 was Magic Piano. Unfortunately, its monetization was short of expectations. I redesigned the navigation and the in-app store. 

What I Did - As Director of Design, it was my job to..

  • Create all UI / UX design
  • Create new navigation design
  • Provide art direction

Result - In-app purchases doubled.


Streakwise Football

An amazing app and website based on an algorithm that successfully picked winners and losers -- beating Vegas oddsmakers.

What I Did - 

  • All UI / UX and Navigation Design
  • All Visual Design




An original concept that combined time travel and stealth education.

What I Did - as founder, I needed to..

  • All concept design
  • All game design
  • All UI / UX design
  • Provide art direction
  • All iOS programming

Result - Fundraising efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. However, the work did serve as a showcase that led to a GM role at Rockyou 



Smule's Magic Guitar

Challenge - Playing the Magic Guitar game was only possible if the user cradled the phone like neck of a guitar. I designed a tutorial that included animated examples to guide the user to proper operation.

What I Did - As the Design Director, I needed to...

  • Create All UI / UX design
  • Provide art direction 

Result - Successful re-launch resulted in 30% increase in retention.



Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile was one of the first US companies to design, produce, develop, and publish mobile games.

Challenge  - Navigate the uncharted territory of the new mobile game market.

What I Did - After the company founders were removed, I was responsible for... 

  • Managing a team of producers, artists, and engineers
  • Providing UI / UX design
  • Providing art direction

Results - Products I designed, developed, or produced accounted for over 85% of revenue - which led to an IPO.