Marketing / Product Messaging


Nimble Collective Corporate Website

Redesign the corporate website to communicate to a changing target audience.

Challenge - Develop visitor personals, visual concepts, reimagine branding and messaging, focus test proposals.

What I Did

  • Researched competitive websites and current design trends
  • Created visitor personas
  • Collaborated with content manager, web developer, head of marketing, and founder on a new look
  • Createdall mock ups, wireframes, visual design, and style guide
  • Analyzed user test results


Results - Acceptance of new style and direction by company founders. New website currently in development.

Variations for user testing 


Ayla Networks Corporate Website

Contributed to the redesign of the corporate website to clarify the value proposition through user-centered messaging.

Challenge - Convey a complex technical value proposition to non-technical site visitors.

What I Did - As the company's only designer, I needed to...

  • Create visitor personas
  • Present concepts for new approach to platform messaging that emphasized the value proposition and benefits to customers
  • Created a marketing video to explain the value proposition through a user's journey
  • Work with the marketing group on the website redesign


Result - Successful re-launch of the website to improve brand messaging and convey the company's value proposition to customers

Script and storyboards 


FInal video production


Branded messaging for website and trade shows


Ayla Networks Tradeshow Booth

I combined the value proposition with branding elements to create a compelling design with at-a-glance messaging clarity.

Challenge - Convey Ayla's complicated value proposition at-a-glance.

What I Did - As the company's only designer, I needed to...

  • Redesign trade show booth to match new website and product messaging
  • Create concept designs
  • Visual designs


Results - The marketing group approved the redesign and worked with vendors to build the booth.

Utilize branded messaging developed for the corportae website into the trade show booth


Trade show booth design


Bluescape Marketing Collateral

My design group at Bluescape was responsible for all marketing collateral in addition to all product feature design, UI / UX design, and visual design.

What I Did - As the company's first designer, it was my responsibility to...

  • All initial design work
  • Bulding and managiing asn internal designer team
  • Communicating with external development team

Results - All materials approved and marketing collateral for tradeshows printed.


Bluescape Corporate Website

Redesign of the corporate website based on (at-the-time) the current design trend of incorporating full-screen video on the site's homepage.

What I Did - As the company's first designer, it was my responsibility to...

  • Research competitive websites and current design trends
  • Collaborate with marketing and CPO on concept design
  • Serve as design manager for web development team

Results - Successful re-launch of the company's corporate website.



Ayla IoT Network Customer Personas

What I Did - As the company's only designer, I needed to...

  • Construct personas based on market research to guide the writing of PRDs and aid in the design process