Online Entertainment


Tiger Woods / PGA TOUR Golf

Role - Executive Producer / Creative Director

Challenge - EA Sports - know for dominating the sports gaming market - was about to throw in the towel on golf games.

What I Did - After being appointed to lead the franchise - I used Design Thinking to identified a casual sports game persona that far outnumbered the hard-core sports fans. The golf game was completely re-engineeed and redesigned to appeal to this much broader demograpic.

Results - I designed an in-game UI psttern thst is still being used today - not only in golf games - but in the majority of sports games. Additionally, sales of the redesigned product line quadrupled forecasts. The golf franchise was allowed to continue. In the last 20 years, the franchise has generated in excess of $250,000,000 in sales and created thousands of jobs.



Gazillion EntertaInment - MMO with stealth learning activities

Role - Educational Design Director

Challenge - The startup had raised $90M on the promise of delivering a massively multiplayer universe populated with in-games activites and puzzles designed to teach children math and physics concepts in a stealth manner. After 3 years in development, a team of 8 educators had created stacks of white papers on stealth learning theory - but unfortunately no actual product prototypes.

What I Did - Train a team of educators on basic prototyping skills which allowed them to convert their educational theories into interactive prototypes.

Result - Within 6 weeks, the team had developed 4 working prototypes.


Multiplayer poker and SET learning games designed for TAG Networks

Role - Executive Producer

Result - TAG Networks released 12 multiplayer cable TV games in 1 year.


Zoo World 2 for RockYou Entertainment

Role - Studio GM and lead designer

What I Did - Lead a 50-person studio during the company's transition from Facebook app & widgert maker to Facebook game studio compsting with Zynga.

Results - Released Zoo World 2 - the first Facebook game sequel and the largest (at the time) Facebook game ever produced.