Cloud-based Collaboration

Bluescape "Wall", Desktop, and iPad

Bluescape is an enterprise cloud-based collaboration system. Its touch and gesture-based UI / UX facilitates uploading, arranging, layering, editing, viewing, and presenting content to distributed teams in real-time. Innovative features like "Location Markers" (based on Google Maps) allow for easy navigation in a virtual endless online canvas. Bluescape "Meet" - a 1-click integrated AV conferencing system takes collaboration to a whole new level.

What I Did - As the company's first designer, I needed to...

  • Create user personas
  • Collaborate with PMs, Engineers, and CPO on all initial features, designs, and value proposition
  • Serve as product designer and UI / UX designer
  • Create all mock ups, wireframes, and final visual assets
  • Hired and managed a 7-person design team

Results - Successful launch of the company's suite of real time cloud-based collaboration tools. Early customers included LucasFilm, Sony, Mazda, and Google. Google later copied many features in the development of its JamBoard product.

Interaction wireframes, mock ups, and released product



Bluescape's virtual white-board-in-the-cloud was the perfect brainstorming & collaboration tool.
At the time of its releaze, nothing else came close. No more writing "Do not erase!" on conference rook white boards. Content was persistant and infintely exapandable. No moare "can somone take a picutre of the whiteboard and send it out"? Content created on the big Bluescape "wall" was waiting for you back at your desk, laptoip, or mobile device.



Next-level Collaboraiton

Instead of staring a video conference and then sharing screen, Bluescape took an entirely different approach. Users joined a collaborative workspace - and then opened video windows to communicate with collaborators. Since it's design back in 2015, it's still the best way to collaborate.