Cloud-based Collaboration

Bluescape "Wall, Desktop, and iPad

Bluescape is an enterprise cloud-based collaboration system. Its touch and gesture-based UI / UX facilitates uploading, arranging, layering, editing, viewing, and presenting content to distributed teams in real-time. Innovative features like "Location Markers" (based on Google Maps) allow for easy navigation in a virtual endless online canvas. Bluescape "Meet" - a 1-click integrated AV conferencing system takes collaboration to a whole new level.

What I Did - As the company's first designer, I needed to...

  • Create user personas
  • Collaborate with PMs, Engineers, and CPO on all initial features, designs, and value proposition
  • Serve as product designer and UI / UX designer
  • Create all mock ups, wireframes, and final visual assets
  • Hired and managed a 7-person design team

Results - Successful launch of the company's suite of real time cloud-based collaboration tools. Early customers included LucasFilm, Sony, Mazda, and Google. Google later copied many features in the development of its JamBoard product.

Interaction wireframes, mock ups, and released product