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About Me

A History of Innovation

  • 60+ apps and games, and 200+ enterprise features designed
  • I've managed small teams to entire design studios of 50+
  • Co-holder of 3 design patents
  • Member Amazon Design Leadership Board
  • Speaker at Amazon's Conflux Design Conference 2021 & 2022
  • Designed the UX for Nimble Studio - a cloud-based movie production service. The clean, simple design was cited as a key factor in the acquisition by Amazon (2019)
  • Developed concept for the world's first video game sequel (Pitfall II)
  • Designed/produced the first game utilizing actual movie dialog and cut scenes (Aliens)
  • Designed/produced a "scene editor" for making games - a precursor to Adobe Flash
  • Designed/produced the first graphic adventure game to utilize actors filmed in front of a green screen (Lost in LA)
  • Designed Bluescape - a gesture-driven cloud-based real-time visual collaboration system and associated web portal with object-level messaging and notification system - first used by Lucas Film in the storyboarding of the last 3 Star Wars movies
  • Designed a 1-click AV Conferencing system to compete with Skype, WebEx, Google Hangouts
  • Designed a new form of casino interactive play for a patented gaming system
  • Designed/produced EA's first online game and the world's first eSports game (PGA TOUR Pro)