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Amazon Nimble Studio

The sucessful release of Nimble Collective cloud studio (see below) led to a company acquisition by Amazon's AWS Creative Cloud group. One of the factors cited was the simplicity and ease of use of the UX which targeted a VFX artist persona who had little-or-no cloud experience.

Challenge - Create an on-boarding expereince using Amazon's Polaris design system. The Amazon acqusition necessitated the creation of a studio setup process designed for IT admin.

What I Have Done -

  • Understand User Personas
  • Learn and Utilize Amazon's Polaris Design System
  • Collaborating with PMs, Engineers on Concepts
  • Constructing all UI / UX, & Visual Design
  • Drive Project Through Amazon's 4-Stage UX Review Process


Results -  rollout of Amazon Nimble Studio in May 2020. Due to engineering challenges, the initial design targeted IT Admin. The service is currenty being redesign for less tech-savvy users.





Nimble Collective

Founded by industry veterans from Pixar, Dreamworks, Nimble Collective has created an entire animation studio infrastructure available through the browser.

Challenge - add features while making incremental changes in style, appearance, and enhanced usability with very limited resources.

What I Have Done - as the company's only designer, I am responsible for...

  • Understanding User Personas
  • Collaborating with PMs, Engineers on Concepts
  • Conducting Research on Common Design Architectures
  • Creating Concepts for New Features
  • Constructing all UI / UX, & Visual Design
  • Constructing Interactive Prototypes 
  • Conducting User Testing / Incorporating Feedback
  • Final Asset Production


Results - successful rollout of Nimble Studio Cloud-based Animation System in August 2018. The design has won praise from customers and partners alike (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Pixar) for its elegant simplicity.

SAMPLE WIREFRAME                                                                                        STYLE GUIDE


INTERACTIVE PROTOTYPE                                                                                ENGINEERING REDLINE


Bluescape Cloud-Based Collaboration

Simple enough for the C-Level Executive - yet powerful enough to satisfy designers, Bluescape's cloud-based collaboration system allows real time collaboration between distributed teams.

What I Didas the company's first designer, I was responsible for taking an engineering prototype with no use cases, value proposition, or meaningful direction -- and turning it into the ultimate collaborative design tool.

  • Collaborating with the CPO to Create Concepts, Use Cases, Success Criteria for all Features - Including an Integrated AV Conferencing System
  • Constructing User Personas
  • Researching Common Design Architectures
  • Completing All Initial UI / UX & Visual Design
  • Observing User Testing and Incorporating Feedback 
  • Designing Storyboards for Custom Hardware, Desktop and Mobile Experiences
  • Hiring and Managing 7 UIX, Visual, and Marketing Designers


Results - greatly increased user adoption through value proposition and usability. Early adopter included Lucasfilm, Sony, Mazda, and Google.

USER JOURNEY (Team created)                                                                         BRAINSTORMING / WIREFRAMES (Team created)


VISUAL MOCK UPS                                                                                      RELEASED PRODUCT


Ayla Networks

Ayla IoT Networks is an end-to-end solution for the development and deployment of internet-connected devices. 

Challenge - convert style-free engineering prototypes into branded experiences utilizing current design trends.

What I Did - as the company's only designer, I was responsible for...

  • Creating User Personas
  • Researching Competitive Services
  • Collaborating with PMs, Engineers, QA, Customer Success
  • Creating All UI / UX & Visual Designs
  • Building Interactive Prototypes
  • Final Asset Production


Resultssuccessful rollout and deployment of dozens of new platform features over a 9-month period.

ANALYTICS                                                                                                                  ONLINE DOCUMENTATION




ONLINE DOCUMENTATION                                                                            INTEGRATED HELP


Bluescape's Integrated Asset-level Messaging

Challenge - design a system allowing comments and conversation threads around specific content in the workspace. Messages should displayed in a workspace dashboard - eliminating the need for disconnected emails. Clicking on dashboard messages takes users straight to the workspace location & content under discussion.

What I Did - as the designer manager, I was responsible for...

  • Researching Common Design Architectures
  • Creating Initial Concepts and UI / UX Designs
  • Managing the Visual Design
  • Collaborating with PMs, Engineers, and CPO


Results - successful rollout of this feature landed LucasfIlm as an early customer.



Genuine MD

GenuineMD is an early stage startup focusing improving communication between doctors and patients by building an end-to-end platform that tracks instructions, prescription schedules, and maintenance routines for recovering patients.

Challenge - convert vague physician requests into feasible designs that integrate with existing office billing systems.

What I Did - as the only designer working with the founder, I was responsible for...

  • Researching Competitive Products
  • Creating All UI /UX and Visual Design


Result - Delivered wireframes and mock ups to CEO/Founder for a pitch to an Angel Investor group.