Enterprise Software Design


Nimble Collective

Founded by industry veterans from Pixar, Dreamworks, Nimble Collective has created an entire animation studio infrastructure available through the browser.

Challenge - add features while making incremental changes in style, appearance, and enhanced usability with very limited resources.

What I Have Done - as the company's only designer, I am responsible for...

  • Understanding User Personas
  • Collaborating with PMs, Engineers on Concepts
  • Conducting Research on Common Design Architectures
  • Cereating Concept on New Features
  • Constructing all UI / UX, & Visual Design
  • Constructing Interactive Prototypes 
  • Conducting User Testing / Incorporating Feedback
  • Final Asset Prodiction


Results - successful rollout of Nimble Studio Cloud-based Animation System in Auguest 2018.


Ayla Networks

Ayla IoT Networks is an end-to-end solution for the development and deployment of internet-connected devices. 

Challenge - convert style-free engineering prototypes into branded experiences utilizing current design trends.

What I Did - as the company's only designer, I was responsible for...

  • Creating User Personas
  • Researching Competive Services
  • Collaboarating with PMs, Engineers, QA, Customer Success
  • Creating All UI / UX & Visual Designs
  • Building Interactive Prototypes
  • Final Asset Production


Resultssuccessful rollout and deployment of dozens of new platform features over a 9-month period.



Ayla Online Documentation

Ayla Networks is a PaaS startup that solves the very difficult technical challenge of devloping connected devices. As such, documentation for less-technical users is a challenge.

Challenge - redesign antiquated MS Word documentation -  placing all content online with visual guides and easy-to-follow illustrations.

What I Did - as the company's only designer, I was responsible for...

  • Creating Concept Design
  • Creating All UI / UX & Visiual Design
  • Creating Content Design


Results - all page prototypes and style guides delivered to Customer Success team for implementaion.



Bluescape Cloud-Based Collaboration Workspace

Simple enough for the C-Level Executive  - yet powerful enough to satisfy designers, Bluescape's cloud-based collaboration system allows real time collaboration between distributed teams.

What I Didas the company's first designer, I was responsible for...

  • Collaborating with the CPO to Create Concepts, Use Cases, Success Criteria for all Features - Including an Integrated AV Conferencing System
  • Constructing User Personas
  • Researching Common Design Architectures
  • Completing All Initial UI / UX & Visual Design
  • Observing User Testing and Incorprate Feedback 
  • Designing Storyboards for Custom Hardware, Desktop and Mobile Experiences
  • Hiring and Managing 7 UIX, Visual, and Marketing Designers


Results - greatly increased user adoption by improving usabilty. Early customers included LucasFilm, Sony, Mazda, and Google.



Bluescape's Integrated Asset-level Messaging

Challenge - design a system allowing comments and conversation threds around specific content in the workspace. Messages should displayed in a workspace dashboard - eliminating the need for disconnected emails. Clicking on dashboard messages takes users straight to the workspace location & content under discussion.

What I Did - as the designer manager, I was respobsible for...

  • Researching Common Design Architectuers
  • Creating Initial Concepts and UI / UX Designs
  • Managing the Visual Design
  • Collaborating with PMs, Engineers, and CPO


Results - successful rollout of this feature landed LucasfIlm as an early customer.



Genuine MD

GenuineMD is an early stage startup focusing improving communication between doctors and patients by building an end-to-end platform that tracks instructions, prescription schedules, and maintenance routines for recovering patients.

Challenge - convert vague physician requests into feasible designs that integrate with existing office billing systems.

What I Did - as the only designer working with the founder, I was respobsible for...

  • Researching Competitive Products
  • Creating All UI /UX and Visual Design


Result - Delivered wireframes and mockups to CEO/Founder for a pitch  to an Angel Inverstor group.