Online Games


Zoo World 2 for Facebook

At the time, Zoo World 2 for RockYou was the largest Facebook project ever undertaken. In addition to a 3D terrain editor, the initial launch included over eighty 3D zoo animals.

Challenge - manage, coach, and mentor a team of non-game developers to the rhythms and disciplines of game design. Boost morale after a large RIF, leverage outside industry veteran talent while encouraging and motivating a young in-house team. 

What I Did - as GM and Lead Designer, I was responsible for...

  • Leading a 50-person Studio 
  • Managing 3 Product Teams, QA, Operations, and Customer Success
  • Functioning as Lead Designer, Design Director, and Art Director

Result - successful on-time and under budget launch of the company's flagship product. This was the only successful launch out of 5 new product initiatives by 4 other studios.


Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf

PGA TOUR / Tiger Woods Golf re-established EA Sports as a player in the golf market. PGA TOUR Pro was EA's first online sports game - and instead of peer-to-peer connections, implemented EA's first game server and match server.

Challenge - rescue a failing franchise with superior and innovative design - and in the process, save dozens of jobs by creating the most successful golf franchise in interactive entertainment history.

What I Did - as the Franchise Owner, I was responsible for....

  • Executive Producing, Project Managing, Designing, Managing Engineers and Artists
  • Growing the Team from 7 to 60

Results - PGA TOUR Golf debuted a revolutionary wrap-around UI that is still in use today - not only in golf - but in many sports simulations and games. Additionally, the product quadrupled sales forecasts and saved the franchise from cancellation.  The product was so successful it drove several other companies specializing in golf products out of business. It would later develop into EA Sports' first online game, become Tiger Woods Golf, and the most successful golf product in history.




TAG Networks

TAG Networks was an online streaming service that allowed players to compete in single player or head-to-head games through their cable TV st top box

Challenge - step in to manage and train a team of inexperienced games testers-turned-producers. Establish a production process and teach the rhythms and disciplines of product development to a stalled organization.

What I Did - as the Executive Producer and Lead Designer, I was responsible for...

  • Executive Producing & Team Management
  • UI / UX Design
  • Art Direction

Result - successful launch of 9 products on Interactive TV.



Gazillion Entertainment

Gazillion's  large online world - best described as World of Warcraft meets Mario included "secret sauce" that combined epic quests with stealth learning puzzles.

Challenge - coach and mentor a team of 8 educators rich in theory - but lacking any app development and production experience.

What I Did - as the Design Manager, I was responsible for...

  • Managing an 8-person Learning Design Team
  • Teaching Techniques for Developing Interactive Prototypes

Results - after 3 years spent producing nothing but white papers, the team was able to get 6 interactive prototypes up and running after only 4 weeks of training. The main educational app was later acquired by Brainquake.




Imvu is a virtual world for teens and adults. In 2012, the board wanted to create a family-friendly division that utilized the company's 3D avatar technology. The flagship product I designed was Scribble -- an innovative drawing game based on easy-to-pose 3D action figures.

Challenge - Coach and mentor a team of non-game developers in the art and science of game development. Shift the culture of an engineering-driven company utilizing 9-year old technology - to a design-driven culture using Web 2.0 technology.

What I Did - as the Studio Manager, I was responsible for...

  • Managing a 25-person team
  • Direct Reports Included PMs, Visual Designers, UI / UX Designers, Game Designers
  • Functioning as Design Director and Head of Product Management

Result - Successful development of a social drawing game using 3D pose-able action figures.