Mobile Apps



Design Exercise

What I Did - as a design excersize... 

  • Create Mockups for a Proposed Easy-Cam App for Seniors
  • The App Should Have Reduced Functionality And Large Cimplicifed Controls





UI CALLOUTS                                                                                                                         HI-FIDELITY MOCKUPS


Genuine MD

GenuineMD is an early stage startup focusing improving communication between doctors and patients by building an end-to-end platform that tracks instructions, prescription schedules, and maintenance routines for recovering patients.

Challenge - convert vague physician requests into feasible designs that integrate with existing office billing systems.he 

What I Did - as the only designer,  I was respobsible for...

  • Researching Competitive Product Features and Visual Styles
  • Researching  Current Trends for UI /UX & Visual Design
  • Create All Wireframes, Mockups, and Visual Assets


Result - Delivered final designs to CEO/ Founder for a pitch to an Angel Investor Group of physicians.



AMAP for Ayla IoT Networks

Ayla Network's Agile Mobile Application Platform facilitates quick and easy development of mobile applications for controlling and monitoring internet-connected devices.

Challenge - convert a style-free engineering prototype into a branded experience utilizing current design trends.

What I Did - as the company's only designer, I was respobsible for...

  • Researching Common Design Architectures
  • Collaborating with PM, Engineers, and Marketing on UI / UX and Visual Design
  • Creating All Wireframes, Mockups, and Final Visual Assets


Result - successful relaunch of the flagship iOS and Android apps for IoT developers.






Design Exercise

What I Did - as a design excersize...

  • Create Low fidelity Wireframes Using Balsamiq Mockups



Swift Shift

Shift Shift allows companies to increase productivity & reduce overtime pay by mobilizing hourly healthcare and manufacturing staff.

Challenge - design intuitive and easy to use navigation and UI for non-technical hourly employees wishing to manage their own schedules.

What I Did - as the only designer working with a founder, I was asked to...

  • Understand User Personas
  • Collaborate with Company Cofounder on the UI / UX, and Visual Redesign of their Engineering Prototype
  • Create All New Wireframe, Mockups, and Visual Assets


Results - I created mockups of a dozen screens to aid the company in its fundraising efforts.



Design Exercise

What I Did - as a design excersize... 

  • Create Hi-fidelity Sketch Wireframes for a Proposed "Lost Child" Feature for an Amusement Park App