Ayla Corporate Website

Contributed to the redesign of the corporate website to clarify the value proposition and feature benefits.

Challenge - Convey a complex technical value proposition to non-tehnical site visitors.

  • Advisor
  • Concept Design


Tradeshow Booth

I combined the value proposition with branding elements to create a compelling design with at-a-glance messaging clarity.

Challenge - Convey Ayla's complicated value propostion at-a-glance.

  • Concept Design
  • Visual Design



Bluescape Corporate Website

Redesign of the corporate website based on (at-the-time) the current design trend of incorporating full-screen video on the site's homepage.

  • Concept Design



Bluescape Marketing Collateral

My design group at Bluescape was responsible for all marketing collateral in addition to all product feature design, UI / UX design, and visual design.

  • Design Manager




To guide the writing of the PRD and aid in the design process, Personas were constructed to undrestand the types of users.