Skills and Expertise


"The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible." –Hillman Curtis

  • Product Design & Direction
  • Product Management, Project Management
  • UI/UX Design
  • Agile Development Methodologies
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, Balsamiq Mockups, Sketch, InVision, Xcode, Flash, JIRA, etc.
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Adoption/Retention/Monetization Strategies
  • Enterprise Cloud-based SaaS, PaaS
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Training
  • P & L Management
  • Strategic Planning, Tactical Execution
  • BSEE - started career at National Semiconducter in IC design
  • 20 year programming experiene (6502/808x Assembly language, C, C++, J2ME, Objective C, Swift, Actionscript 3.0, JavaScript, HTML5)
  • 3 years teaching college
  • Currently mentor students at the Cleveland Institute of Art