Product Visionary – Spearheaded groundbreaking work in HCI and usability design, product design, product management, and agile development methodologies pre-dating existence of these programs in colleges and universities. Created many of the design patterns and utilized development principles that are now considered best practices.

Effective and accountable in executive roles – Ability to overcome complex challenges by drawing upon a strong work ethic, impeccable integrity, trustworthiness, critical thinking skills, leadership and relationship building.

Experience that matters – Known for expert knowledge of what works and does not work. Profound understanding of end-user needs. Fronted use of analytics and metrics combined with a foundation of instinct built on experiences to drive adoption, increase retention, and fuel earnings growth.

Team Builder and Leader – Experienced in building teams, realigning, and retraining resources to meet new challenges. Recruited top talent that provide the best opportunities for success.

Selected Highlights

  • 3 design patents
  • Designed a gesture-driven cloud-based real time visual collaboration system (Bluescape).
  • Designed a content-level messaging and notification system for the Bluescape collaboration system
  • Designed 1-click AV Conferencing system to compete with Skype, WebEx, Google Hangout for the Bluescape collaboration system
  • Bluescape's visual collaborationsystem is currently being used by Lucasfilm to plan future Star Wars movies
  • Designed a new form of casino interactive play for a patented gaming system (Deck of Dice)
  • Designed / directed first drawing app with 3D avatars (Scribble)
  • Designed / developed first political boxing app (Bush vs. Kerry)
  • Co-holder of patent for optimizing multi-player online experiences (Play With The Pros / PGA TOUR ShotLink)
  • Designed / produced EA's first online sports product (PGA TOUR Pro)
  • Designed / developed first interactive story using actors filmed against a blue screen (Lost in LA)
  • Designed / developed first video game to use actual movie dialog & cut scenes (Aliens)