Product Visionary – Spearheaded groundbreaking work in user experience design, product design, product management, and agile development methodologies pre-dating existence of these programs in colleges and universities. Created many design patterns and utilized development principles that are now considered best practices.

Experience that matters – Known for expert knowledge of what works and does not work. Profound understanding of end-user needs. Fronted use of analytics and metrics combined with a foundation of instinct built on experiences to drive adoption, increase retention, and fuel earnings growth.

Team Builder and Leader – Experienced in building teams, realigning, and retraining resources to meet new challenges. 

Selected Highlights

  • Extensive Experience in both Entertainment and Enterprise Cloud
  • Dozens of published products - including 20 mobile apps 
  • Over 100 Enterprise features designed
  • Titles held include Designer, Programmer, Design Director, Art Director, Product Manager, Project Manager, Studio GM, UI/UX Director, Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer
  • Currently mentor students at the Cleveland Institute of Art & Design


Even More...

  • 3 design patents
  • Recently licensed a new UX design pattern to world’s largest slot machine manufacturer
  • Designed a gesture-driven cloud-based real time visual collaboration syste currently being used by LucasFilm to storyboard future Star Wars movies
  • Designed a 1-click AV Conferencing system to compete with Skype, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Blue Jeans
  • Co-holder of patent for optimizing multi-player online experiences
  • Designed / produced EA's first online sports product (PGA TOUR Pro)
  • Designed / developed first-ever interactive story using actors filmed against a blue screen
  • Designed / developed first video game to use actual movie dialog & cut scenes (Aliens)